Psychotherapy and Counselling in London – psychological practices based at Ongea

As you have arrived at our website, it may be that you are experiencing problems coping in certain areas of your life or perhaps you are feeling stuck or simply unsatisfied. Ongea provides space for psychological practitioners providing psychotherapy and counselling in London. Our practitioners offer short or long term counselling, psychotherapy and psychological services for individuals, couples, children, young people, parents and groups in East and West London.

Counsellors and psychotherapists can support you in better understanding your current situation and help you to develop the necessary skills and strategies that will support you in living the life you want. Therapy and counselling allow you to gain more awareness around about yourself - your patterns, your emotional responses and your behaviours - which in turn can bring new understandings and a fresh perspective. All psychotherapists, counsellors and child psychologists hiring rooms from Ongea are insured and are either accredited or registered with a professional association. They have many years of substantial experience, dealing with a variety of issues from depression, anxiety and eating disorders, through to trauma and life changes.

Our counsellors and psychotherapists provide psychotherapy, counselling and psychological services to people in London and via Skype from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures and abilities and currently offer therapy in 11 different languages including CzechGerman, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Ukrainian & English. Every practitioner has different areas of interest and specialist experience. More information about their specialisms, qualifications and professional membership can be found in our directories: East London and West London . If you would like an initial no-obligation consultation appointment, please contact the therapist directly, either by phone or email.

The Services tab contains more information about services we offer and some more general information about counselling in London.

Counselling in London
Counselling in London
Counselling in London

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