Couples therapy EC1

Couples therapy EC1 is offered in our practice by qualified psychotherapists who have undertaken additional training in couples therapy. Often when couples come to therapy, they believe that their concerns and behaviours are of individual nature and in many cases the tendency is to identify the problem in either one of the partners.  There are very few individual issues in a couple as love, hate, anger and sex, to name but a few, are of relational nature and their existence is complexly connected with being with other people. A couple is made of two individuals who are making a serious commitment to each other over time and share many important life tasks, some can be very challenging and demanding.

Each couple develops a unique way of being together and therefore requires a unique way of working with their concerns.  There is very little that is standard about a couple behaviour and therapy can help to manage differences, needs, sex, desire (or loss of it), shame and anxieties. The work often involves establishing a secure common ground which emphasises trust, empathy and rewarding experiences rather than straining ones.

The safety and acceptance that a well-functioning relationship provides can help in dealing with life events and support in developing good problem solving skills.

To find out more about couples therapy EC1, please contact therapists listed below:

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Robert French

UKCP Registered Psychotherapist
Phone 07761463319
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Lorraine Green

BACP Registered Psychotherapist
Phone 07596 711 469
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Antonella Caraglia

Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Phone 07459569386