Asuka Yamashina

HCPC Registered Counselling Psychologist

About me

I offer short-term and long-term psychotherapy to individuals and couples in English and Japanese. I am committed to helping clients explore the issues that emerge, with care, respect and confidentiality, in a co-creative and collaborative way. I aim to help my clients find and connect to all parts of themselves - their mind, body, heart, gut, energy, dreams and soul, and thereby finding a sense of full aliveness and a harmonious presence with the outside world.

Since 2006, I have offered psychotherapy to a wide variety of clients, in NHS Primary Care, low-cost mental health charities such as Mind, a university counselling service, a secondary school, and in my private practice.

I help clients with a wide range of issues including relational difficulties, problematic mood and affect such as depression, anxiety, grief, anger, shame and lack of self-confidence, recovering from trauma and abuse, addiction, dealing with physical and psychiatric illness, multi-cultural issues, identity, sexuality, existential or spiritual crisis, and end of life issues.

I help my clients gain understanding of how past events and influences have contributed to shaping their present relationship to themselves, to others and to the world, and re-examine the coping mechanisms that have become costly to their wellbeing. I also support them in developing resources for self-care and in integrating positive qualities and goals.

I trained integratively in many theoretical approaches, and I choose and tailor my approach to suit each client’s particular needs. I mostly draw upon psychodynamic, Jungian, existential-humanistic, body psychotherapy and energy psychotherapy approaches. I incorporate working with dreams and archetypal figures, visualisation, energy and mindfulness based body-mind practices, using artwork, poetry and movement as appropriate.

For those who are interested in CBT, I would instead offer Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), an energy psychotherapy modality developed by a Jungian psychoanalyst. AIT not only modifies problematic thinking and behavioural patterns as in CBT, but works directly and structurally on removing the negative impact of previous and current traumas held at energy and body levels.

Training and qualification

DCounsPsy Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology, 2012
Certificate in Foundation Course in Psychotherapy and Counselling, 2006
BA (Hons) Psychology and Philosophy, 1998
Training in Advanced Integrative Therapy, 2016
Level 1&2 training in Emotional Freedom Technique, 2015

Contact details

Phone number: 07465440543
Working at: Old Street & Skype

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Works with

Individuals, Couples

Days working at the practices: