Julia Walker

UKCP Trainee Therapist

About me

I am a trainee psychotherapist with three years of therapy experience behind me. I believe in being authentic with clients: I share my responses to what my clients are going through; I work empathetically.

I am able to help with immediate issues - resourcing you for challenges you might be facing right now – or to explore deeper / older issues, which may be colouring your life. Whether you are in crisis, or whether you feel impacted by past experiences, I respect your sense of what you need, and provide structured, emotional support.

Previous clients of mine have come for support with anxiety and depression; other issues I have experience with include loss, relationship difficulties, infertility, miscarriages, rape trauma, panic attacks, trauma and abuse. Dream-work has also come into previous therapy work with clients - I find dreams a useful insight into a person's experience of the world.

You may have a clear sense of what you are facing, with a clear desired-outcome for therapy; or you may have a broad, undefined sense of not feeling fully yourself – a desire to feel more balanced and grounded where you are in your life. I have experience working with either approach to therapy: resource-building, and deeper exploration. I will work from where you begin.

I am working towards accreditation as a Gestalt Psychotherapist.

Offers low-cost therapy.

Training and qualification

Year four of my Psychotherapy training.

Contact details

Phone number: +447795063375
Email: walker.juliab@gmail.com
Website https://welldoing.org/counsellors/julia-walker-gestalt-psychotherapist-w12
Working at: Old Street

Professional affiliation:

Works with

Individuals, Young People

Days working at the practices: