Family Therapy in Old Street and Pimlico

Family Therapy in Old Street and PimlicoFamily life is complex and every family is different. Unsurprisingly, most families will experience periods of difficulty. Usually, those periods of difficulty are resolved and harmonious family life continues. However sometimes problems linger and can adversely affect family relationships, or the complexity of a problem is so great, it requires outside help in order to reach a resolution. This is where family therapy can be beneficial. Family therapy offers a non judgemental environment for each family member to talk about the issue or problem and the impact it is having on them as individuals and the entire family unit. Family therapy creates a space where each person’s voice is heard, promoting a better understanding of each family member’s needs. Together, the family, alongside the therapist, work towards making changes in order to improve family relationships. The approach is pragmatic and based on the here and now. Family therapy is not about taking sides or casting blame. The aim is to help the family resolve difficult problems so that harmonious family life can resume.Diverse Family Therapy in Old Street and Pimlico An example of issues family therapy can help with . . . • Divorce, separation, step-parenting • Bereavement • Parenting issues • Issues arising out of illness and disability

How does Family Therapy work?

Not all family members need to attend sessions; it can be mother and daughter, father and siblings or grandparents and siblings. Of course, it is important that those affected by the problem are present and regularly attend sessions. Family therapy is a talking therapy. The therapist’s role is to help the family examine the problem and look at ways of bringing about change, in order to change the impact the problem is having on family life. The therapist will also encourage family members to communicate and better understand each other’s needs.

All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Leo Tolstoy

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Lorraine Green

BACP Registered Psychotherapist
Working in Old Street on Thursdays
Phone 07596 711 469

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Antonella Caraglia

Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Working in Old Street on Tuesdays
Phone 07459569386