Individual counselling

Counselling is a process in which you can privately talk through with a counsellor some of the difficulties or concerns you may have or are experiencing. Counselling can help deal with a number of psychological problems that may be causing you difficulties in your daily life or in your relationship with others. Private counselling can be seen as shorter term focused work on an issue presented by the client. Counselling is not advice giving or the counsellor making suggestions. It is about the counsellor sitting beside you and listening and creating a space in which you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings. This kind of exploration can lead to a greater understanding of your problem/issue which can lead you to gain more acceptance of the position or the part you play in the problem or difficulty. With this understanding you may then be able to see what choices you have and make the changes or find ways to cope so that you feel more satisfied in the way in which you live your life and in your relationship with others. The process is a personal journey for each individual and can at times feel difficult and we may question whether it is worth it, but these are expected and it may be helpful for you to talk about this with your counsellor. Facing our fears or worries can be daunting and to take the first step to make that change or reach out for support can feel risky, but these are the very things that you can speak aloud in counselling and with some counselling approaches you can even experiment with new ways of being. For example with your counsellor you can try out in private different ways of saying something you usually find difficult to say to your partner or work colleague.