Psychotherapy works with a range of psychological difficulties including depression, anxiety and stress. In psychotherapy you work with a psychotherapist to try and understand your feelings and how these may have developed.

A psychotherapist will work with you to understand how your past experiences may have shaped your present way of either dealing with things or being in relationship with others. By understanding or becoming aware of the relationship between the past and its impact on the present it can help individuals make choices that may be more satisfying.

One way in which a psychotherapist may work with a client to gain more insight into the difficulties presented, is by exploring the relationship that develops between the psychotherapist and client. The reason behind this is that at times the very issue or difficulty that you experience in your relationship outside the therapy room may become present in the therapeutic relationship. For example, you notice with your work colleagues and with your partner you often feel misunderstood which leaves you feeling angry and full of self doubt. This very experience may then occur in the therapy room between you and your therapist. This will then give you both an opportunity to explore the event in the ‘here and now’ enabling you both to understand how this experience impacts you and your relationship with others and what changes you can make for yourself.

Psychotherapy can be used to help with exploring problems or mental distress and finding ways to help you manage these, lead to a greater understanding of your issue or problem, which may support you to find ways to cope.
The process of psychotherapy takes commitment and responsibility, it is often not a ‘quick fix’ solution to your problems, but together with your psychotherapist you can hopefully begin to understand how you are feeling or behaving and make the choices or the changes that will lead you to feel more satisfied.

Psychotherapists are based at our practice near Old Street, Central London.