Skype Therapy

The future of online therapy, and Skype therapy in particular, is full of exciting possibilities that are transforming our understanding of the potential reach and use of therapy. In our rapidly changing world there is a growing demand for Skype therapy. While we are only getting to understand the positive impact of Skype therapy on an individual level, as it becomes more mainstream, it is evolving into an important and widely used therapeutic tool.

It may be that you’re living abroad, have mobility issues, or that you travel away from London a lot and yet would still like to have regular counselling. This can be offered over Skype and several of our counsellors and psychotherapists provide this service to their clients. Although you can start online (or Skype) therapy right away, it’s recommended that you have at least one session with the psychotherapist or counsellor and in this way get to know them face-to-face offline before developing a continued relationship online. If you are a traveler you may combine offline face-to-face therapy with the online Skype calls, preferring to meet with your psychotherapist or counsellor in person when in London.

Online sessions are confidential and instant and this platform allows you to discuss your issues confidentiality with one of our counsellors or therapists via Skype. Please remember it’s important to always make sure you are in a private, confidential space for your Skype counselling or psychotherapy sessions. Although some recent research has shown that online therapy can be as effective as person-to-person therapy, it’s important to keep in mind that online therapy is not something for everyone. If you’re unsure you can try a few sessions and see how it works for you and the issues particular to you.

Finding a therapist or counsellor for Skype sessions is easy – have a look at the practitioners below and then get in contact with them.

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Gemma Grainger
BACP Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist

It’s good to be aware that our Skype psychotherapists and counsellors may use platforms other than Skype to hold the sessions in. This includes RingCentral.