Services offered by counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists working at our practices in Old Street and Pimlico

Child counselling

Child psychology focuses on the psychological, emotional and social development of children from infancy through adolescence. It is concerned with how children think, feel and behave.

Psychotherapists and counsellors working from Ongea office in Old Street offer a safe and confidential space to explore things that you may find difficult and which are affecting your life and relationships. Located on Bath Street, we are four minutes walk from Old Street station and open five days a week from 8am to 10pm. Practitioners offer short or long term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, children, young people, parents and groups in London. All counsellors and psychotherapists are accredited with officially recognised institutions and bound by professional guidelines. These organisations have a professional code of ethics to which counsellors and psychotherapists subscribe.

The psychotherapists and counsellors here at Old Street offer a space to explore a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, low esteem, relationship issues, transitional stages in life, stress and insomnia among others. Every practitioner has their own of interest and specialist experience, they also set their own fees. Both male and female practitioners are available. More information about their qualifications and professional membership can be found on their profiles. If you would like to discuss having therapy please contact a chosen psychotherapist or counsellor directly.

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Depression is usually defined as an illness characterised by prolonged low mood and a wide range of other possible symptoms,...

Transgenerational Trauma

Transgenerational Trauma

We can become traumatised when we are in a threatening situation which exceeds our ability to cope. This may be...